R&D Parts

Tiny GNSS Receiver Design Technology

  • GPS /Glonass/Beidou
  • High Sensitivity ReceiverDesign: Signal improvements by TTFF and Multi path
  • RF Parts Matching Technology :Passive patch Antenna,LNAdesign
  • Active patch Antenna Design Technology
  • Dual Antenna(Internal and external) Auto switching
  • Impedance matching Technology :Insertion loss(s21), Return loss(S11)Minimize
  • Built –in chip Antenna GPSReceiverDesign Technology : very lightweight & small
  • EMCSuitable design

Car DR-GPS (GNSS) Design Technology

  • MEMS Sensor design and correction technology for precision positioning
    • Gyro(Azimuth)/Accelerator(Movement)/odometer(distance)
    • Gyro /Acceleration stabilityandBias/Drift compensation
    • Sensor sampling speed
  • High performance GNSS receiver and MCU design
    • High receiver sensitivity and Fast TTFF
    • NMEAoutput update cycleand Location accuracyImproving
    • Vehicle speed pulse, Reverse signal sensing, Back-up function
  • GPS Receiver statusin accordance Auto - selfcalibration

GNSS based Application Technology

  1. Smart AntenaProduct Development: For RS-232 or USB Integrated smart antennaDevelopment(waterproof)
  2. DGPS Receiver Design: GPS receiver capable of processing SBAS and RTCM(Provide precise location information receiving a correction signal from the Geostationary satellite and the reference station)
  3. User Customizing softwareSuitable forapplication model :Fast TTFF,Improved position error, Current consumption, etc
    • self-generated Orbit prediction for instant positioning fix (3days)
    • GNSS satellite status monitoring: In the current position of the orbital plane, the SV, ephemeris data age, SV clock bias, SV Health status EHPE, DOP, Channel status, GNSSReceiver navigation message(Time correction, Satellite status- orbit,history, placement, etc), Receiver multi path error andpseudorange error information etc
    • GNSS receivermonitoring for optimum parametersetting and control: dynamic platform model(whether speed limits), C/N DBHz Threshold, Mininum SV, power mask(tracking, navigation), According to SV Statuseach Receiver mask angle(tracking , navigation), Baud rate, Update rate, NMEA message format and GPIO control
  4. GNSS Device Developmentfor Managementand control :For Golf carts,Taxi, bus and logistics vehicles etc.
  5. Tracking and Data logger BT-GPS and RadioCommunication(CDMA) GPS devices Development
  6. Convergence of IT products design Technologies(PDR,DGPS,GNSS):Integrated compact module design,Low Power Design AlgorithmApplication - periodic power mode, Always locate and Easy Function

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